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The Law Office of Reginald A. Mathis & Associates is a forward-thinking law firm with its fingers on the pulse of South Florida’s legal climate.  We are able to provide unparalleled service to our clients at competitive rates. In addition, given our ability to minimize costs through the use of industry-leading technology, our attorneys have time to continue learning and growing their legal knowledge and skills. We are a team of business-savvy attorneys that strive to embrace collaboration, equality, and resource to help our clients win.

Criminal Law

Entertainment Law

Personal Injury

Family  Law

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“As an artist, it is extremely important for my creativity to be protected and have the best interest for my business, Mathis has been there for years.”

Flo- Rida

“I was in a bad accident and the insurance company would not help. Mathis stepped in and got me a big settlement, can't thank him enough .”

Tj Green

“The idea to create something from scratch was something daunting for me. Mathis & his staff gave me all the guidance and legal paperwork to start my non-profit.”

Lucy Fuller

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Exclusive Legal Podcast

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Every week Mr. Mathis and guests get together to discuss a wide variety of legal topics, local news, trending, and thought-provoking topics. Other great talking points include insights into business, legal structures and ways to help people in our community.

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Community Empowerment

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